villa il rinuccino


Villa Il Rinuccino, a serene and grandiose mansion, stands in its original state and preserves intact its charming Renaissance aspect. It is a perfect architectural specimen of an enduring civilisation. It was built in the Renaissance as an extension of an original Medieval tower-house which belonged to the noble Florentine family, Rinuccini, in whose possession it remained for full four centuries, and whose crest of arms is sculpted on some of the portals and on the fountain in the garden.


The Rinuccini family, among the most noble families in Florence, boasts among its members a series of illustrious personalities in the most various fields: politicians, military men, ecclesiastics, merchants and artists. Perhaps the most remarkable figure was Ottavio Rinuccini, famous especially for the creation of the “melodrama” in the 1600s.


The fantastic Italian garden of the villa hosts a beautiful fountain, dominated by a statue representing Neptune inspired by the sculpture of “Ocean” by Gianbologna.


In the second half of the XIX century, the Bruni family, the new owners of the villa, built a second garden that survives in its original form to the present day.

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